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Why choose AEG as your trusted advisor in your back pocket. All businesses require a Bookkeeper, or someone to look after the books and HR matters. The only decision that you, the business owner has to make in this regard is whether to employ a fulltime accountant / HR  Manager or to outsource this function to AEG. The needs and resources of your business plays a role in your decision. For example, a big corporation might be better off using an in-housefinanceteam, but you as a smallbusiness can benefit greatly from our outsourced accounting. Why?

Full Time Employee

The Pros

  1. Full time presence on site.
  2. You may allocate additional job specs without having to alter their contract.

The Cons

  1. Recruitment fees
  2. Will take leave (possibly maternity leave)
  3. May randomly ask for increase due to personal reasons
  4. Employee means payroll duties
  5. Possible CCMA action if fired
  6. Must buy accounting software
  7. Succession planning required
  8. Most expensive option

Outsourcing to AEG

The Pros

  1. No employer – employee relationship
  2. No recruitment fees
  3. No payroll duties
  4. Specialist knowledge in one package
  5. No accounting software needs to be purchased
  6. No downtime in terms of leave
  7. May sign off financial statements
  8. Succession planning not required
  9. Usually month-to-Month contract
  10. No random fee increase requests
  11. Most value-for-money option

The Cons

  1. No physical presence on site
  2. Additional job specs usually means increased fees

Businesses would have to determine what their finance and HR needs are, keeping in mind the following:


•  their budget;

•  their own knowledge of running the finances;

•  their time to do so; and

•  their technological requirements / preferences.


Once you know what you need in your finance side of things, then you can decide what you want. Love tech? Don’t like to supervise? Not a big fan of admin? Then outsourced bookkeeping is for you. There is much that can be said for getting help to take these duties over from you, so you can spend your valuable time on more value adding functions such as growing your business.

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